Because your smile is unique.

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Free your Smile Man

We supply a suitable mouth and nose protection for people who wear glasses, as a transparent face shield that guarantees ultimate and simple wearing comfort.

Advantages of the Free your smile – face shield:

  • unrestricted breathing
  • hardly any fogging
  • quickly and easily attachable
  • transparent look on your face
  • unrestricted visibility of facial expressions, lip movements and your individual smile
  • universal size (individually adjustable)
  • comfortable to wear due to extreme lightness (10g)
  • reusable after easy cleaning with clear water/soapy water
  • easy to use on all standard frames, without cumbersome attachment with additional rubber bands, forehead- or chin brackets
  • no „masking“, as it is transparent and „airy“
  • inexpensive

The Free your smile – face shield is perfect for:

  • people who wear glasses
  • people who need hearing aids
  • people working in childcare (teachers…)
  • people working in the food industry (supermarkets, drug stores, markets etc.)
  • people working in catering (restaurants, bars, service, kitchens etc.)
  • people working in external sales
  • cashiers
  • hair dressers
  • people working in the cosmetics industry
  • craftsmen
  • seminar- and workshop leaders
  • people who are in contact with people with hearing loss
  • nursing staff
  • musicians, artists, choirs
  • asthmatics
  • people who work in near and long-distance transport business
  • flight attendants
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Free your Smile Man
Free your smile Kind

Our Free your smile – face shield weighs only 10g. It is light and usage is barely noticeable because it’s made of flexible PVC, designed and manufactured in Germany. The shield is available from a purchase quantity of 1 piece.

Instructions for wearing the Free your smile – face shield:

  • Thread the arms of your glasses through the tabs of the Free your smile – shield (optionally and depending on the frame thickness through 1-3 tabs, which in addition can be customized by simply cutting)
  • Slide the Free your smile – shield over the arms of your glasses so that it hangs comfortably over your nose and mouth. You can adjust the distance from your nose and mouth individually and also easily cut the length of the shield as required (Like this, the shield is easily wearable for children, too).
Prepare your shield and glasses.
Thread the arms of your glasses into 1-3 tabs of the shield.
Select the number of tabs based on your preference for the bracket.
Adjust the shield on the frame.
Your mouth and nose protection shield is ready. Free your smile.

Video instructions:

We expressly point out that the Free your Smile face shield is NOT a MEDICAL DEVICE.

Order form:

1 piece 3 €
10 pieces 25 € (free shipping)
50 pieces 100 € (free shipping)

Order procedure:

After sending your order, you will receive a personal message from me in which I will send you the payment methods and the total amount of your order. As soon as your payment has been received, the product will be manufactured within three working days and prepared for shipping to the address you specified.

The idea behind Free your Smile:

As an optician and hearing aid acoustician, I noticed restrictions in everyday customer contact, due to the mask requirement. Customers with hearing loss in particular could not understand me due to my cloth face mask, because facial expressions and lip movements were not recognizable.

After extensive research on the Internet, I was amazed to find that there was no product on the market that was suitable for my needs in order to enable the best possible communication for my customers and myself.

I designed the prototype of the Free your Smile face shield out of clingfilm, adhesive tape, Velcro tape and strips of a tin can, in order to have it made by a friend of mine who works in advertising. I then simplified and optimized the prototype so that an affordable, easy to use and reusable product was ready for everyone who wears glasses.

The Free your Smile face shield was born.

The prototype

The final product